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  • General PTA Meeting-Nov

    9:00 am-10:30 am

    2101 Eastbluff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

    2101 Eastbluff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

    All Parents Welcome!

  • Executive Board Meeting-Nov

    8:30 am-10:00 am

    2101 Eastbluff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

    2101 Eastbluff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

    Executive Board Members Only



8/13 Board Meeting, evening potentially
9/12 General Meeting- High School 9am
9/19 General Meeting- Middle School 9am
9/26 Board Meeting 8:30am
10/3 General Meeting 9am
10/23 Home Tour All Day
10/31 Board Meeting 8:30am
11/7 General Meeting 9am
11/28 Board Meeting 8:30am
12/5 PTA Holiday Party (date is flexible)
12/19 Board Meeting (only if needed)
1/9 General Meeting 9am
1/30 Board Meeting 8:30am
2/6 General Meeting 9am
2/27 Board Meeting 8:30am
3/6 General Meeting 9am
3/27 Board Meeting 8:30am
4/3 Honorary Service Awards/Meeting 9am
4/24 Board Meeting 8:30am
5/1 General Meeting 9am
5/29 Last Board Meeting 8:30am
6/5* Officer Installation/Sr. Mom’s lunch* Could vary with Senior project schedule

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8th Grade Promotion Party

Veterans’ Hospital Holiday Brunch

Living History Program

Reflections Art Contest

Teacher Training and Enrichment

Sea King Pride Awards



Home Tour

Grad Night

Student/Parent Directory

Naviance Counseling Software

Library Programs




Mother/Daughter Tea & Fashion Show

Father/Son Basketball Tournament

Mother/Son Adventure

Senior PTA Scholarships

High School Academic Letter Awards

Middle School Awards


List of Accomplishments


As we being a new school year, we reflect on all the PTA’s great accomplishments to better our school, empower our teachers, staff, and kids, and beautify our campus. In addition, we thank you, our parents, for all your support, financially and personally- serving on a committee, attending PTA meetings, purchasing a Home Tour ticket, donating to the PTA.

Because of you, here are some initiatives we were able to fund and support during the 2016-17 school year:

  • Contributed $50,000 to the state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center as a significant donor
  • Provided $5,000 to help with the One Recovery remodel here on campus
  • Updated the front office, including the Counseling Department- paint, furniture, new carpeting
  • Renovated the faculty & staff lounge to make it more inviting and more functional
  • Gifted $5,000 to the STEP Transition Program, an adult transition program to teach skills for placement into the workforce, in our district
  • Funded and granted CDM high school seniors PTA scholarships- 24 @ $500, or $12,000 total
  • Provided Teacher Grants twice a year to help with much needed school supplies & on-line subscriptions- we awarded a total of nearly $14,000
  • Supported our on-campus Student Resource Center- College Visits & the Career Showcase
  • Funded the MS Renaissance Program- lunches & prizes
  • Identified & funded various PTA Guest Speakers
  • Supported our wonderful faculty & staff- appreciation breakfast & luncheon & stocked the lounges with coffee and supplies
  • Funded the various student programs, including Reflections, Senior Project Luncheon, Sophomore Living History Luncheon, Sea King Pride Luncheon, Awards Night
  • Instrumental in forming the CDM Alumni Mentoring/Internship Program (composed of parent CDMHS alumns) for our Students

Here are only a handful of the many initiatives we plan to support for the 2017-18 school year:

  • Repair & Replace the high school lockers throughout campus
  • Financially support ongoing needs of the Learning Resource Center
  • Provide high school seniors with PTA scholarships
  • Assist with installing water bottle filling stations on campus, in the two gyms & admin office
  • Provide Teacher Grants twice a year

PTA Meeting Highlights

October Meeting Highlights

At our October PTA meeting, CdM Athletic Director, Don Grable, spoke about our sports programs and how their focus is on skills that our kids can use both on and off the field. Our coaches teach character by encouraging players to think, feel, communicate, compete, cooperate and enjoy the process. An emphasis is on being a team player, always striving to be better, not the best. This applies to being better people, athletes, coaches, and teammates. People often ask Mr. Grable about the win/loss record of our sports teams as a basis for how successful a program is, but he feels the true success won’t be known for 15-20 years, until our kids are parents and community members themselves.

Mr. Grable concluded by sharing a story that affected him as both a parent and coach, reminding us that we can’t rush the process and do everything for our kids, both in sports and in life. The story, titled The Man and the Butterfly is attached for your reading and reflection and is worth a read!



You can read more from Mr. Grable, including sports stats and his inspirational quotes, in each edition of CdM Sports Pages, sent out via school loop. Here is a link to the last week’s page:



Follow CdM Athletics on Twitter (@CdMAthletics) for more information.

Mark your calendar for our next meeting—Wednesday November 8th at 9:00am in the Lecture Hall. Our CdM Nurse and Psychologist will speak to parents about helping our kids handle anxiety—academic, athletic and social.

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